[I found out just the other day that a dear friend of mine from Australia has passed on after having a diabetic coma. It’s really hit me hard as I really saw her as a sister, friend, and awesome person in this world. So to her I wrote this…]

You elegant elf from OZ

To this I write you
One moment a calm collected spirit,
Whip lashing dread-locked head-banger.

A spontaneous spiritual mad-hatter
Taking tea parties at Donald Street with us three
A juicy joker with a dark sense of humour.

How can I share my love to you?

We shared moments of truth and seren-ity
I thank you for that…

This is funny now in this moment,
To have lived before – together – as friends.
To have worried about a diabetic coma…

Rapping, rapping, rapping upon your door.
Panic in my eye. Silence in my ears.

Only to find no Dan – but an unkept bed.
Dan no where to be found – accept way way downtown.
Causing some ruckus to
save sacred animals,
fight for forests,
share spastic giggles.

Later you’ll laugh…
Later you’ll giggle
At what I’ve done…
I’ll feel embarassed with my fear.
But we’ll both know I did it cause I cared so much for you.
You crazy Mad-Hatter you.

I will always see you as a younger sister…
Even though I was far or close
I still cared,
I still held you close.

It’s okay now….
You sleep – maybe you’ll feel some peace.

From the demons
We all fight.

From the struggle
We all fight

From the love
We all felt … totally for you.

I hope you can see – how free our love was for thee.

You sleep. And I’ll hold you close

I hope you find some peace now.

I love you Dan. I love you.