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[I recognize that some people might read this article and find it hard — or _I hope not_ offensive. Please comment and write in the comments cause really the point of this is to create a discussion not prove my point]

It’s interesting working in several organizations and seeing the various dynamics and relationships that exist within them. Most recently I’ve been working in a pretty large cooperative that contained at moments up to 35 people and now more around 25 people (on a good day). Our mission is to support other organizations attain their goals online through the use of open source software. It’s interesting, nerdy, and fun to help people realize new and cool things they can do online. And most importantly, at least for me, is to be able to break that _hard-ass_ bubble barrier that technology creates for folks. Yep you go it technology empowerment!

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I put on a workshop at the Trust recently about consensus decision making and also group facilitation (good even if you aren’t going to do consensus) that was collaborated from material I found at The Otesha Project and other places. I hope to post it on the Cycle for Sustainability website when we get things rollin but I figured I’d post it here for anyone interested.

And it’s here…..Consensus Doc

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PS – I found this interesting article in the process of making this document and wrote about it earlier here.

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