Some other crazy links to check out when you’re bored or feeling adventurous.

Rad Biking Stuff [Shit about bikes and how to make bike generators — wheee]

Calgary Connection [Good activisty things for those visiting Calgary]

  • Arusha — Great NGO that created Calgary Dollars and also has amazing monthly political movies always worth watching!
  • Critical Mass — Oh yeah taking back the streets could never be more fun with fellow cyclists!
  • Vegan Restaurants! (if that’s your thing) — Oh do I ever love the vegan food here … although not as many options as somewhere like Toronto still lots of good finds. My favs include White Oak II (cheap cheap and just as good as Buddha’s), Buddha’s Veggie Restaurant (little more expensive), and The Coup (expensive but damn good yo).


  • You live in an apartment and don’t have access to a compost bin why not check out vermicomposting (my rad friend Anna made some great instructions).
  • Composting – You want to get into it but don’t know where to start. And when in Calgary you’re not sure where to actually buy a compost bin.

Ride Share [These all seemed to be great ride share links that I found in the past]