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MoiWho would have thought I would have fallen in love with this city. I suppose a lot has to do with it’s small town feeling (small communities), the people, the environment, how easy it is to get into the bush so quickly, and did I mention the people? I’ve been lucky to really get involved with some amazing people in the community and last Friday was my final bye-bye dinner filled with some high emotions, good memories, and plenty of beautiful people. Adious Ella, Amy, Hannah, Maurice, Kaitlin, JP, Becs, Jen, Aline, Andrew, Gavin, Dylan, Fuji, Tash, & any other crew I left out.

My aunt has been a huge rock the entire time I spent here off and on. Always giving me love, food, and a place to sleep when I needed it. And my cousin Andrew has been a rad friend to have around, watch movies with, chat, and ride in the rain with.

Thanks to the Hershler (sorry Laen if I messed your name up) I was able to yet again do a “Last Will and Testiment” and it was received with some good laughs, smiles, and tears (held back by me of course). I probably should have taken some pictures along the way but I was more in the moment and enjoying each and everyone as much as I could.


I think among a bunch of my friends (some of which I’ll see at SoS or perhaps back in Canada) the hardest to let go will be Ella. Oh yes some of you have heard about her. The beautiful womyn that I met here in the last month and have been chillin with. She’s got a beautiful mind, spirit, and heart that one. But then when we started hanging out we both knew that this was going to happen. Funny how that actually doesn’t make the situation any easier. Nor does it leaving all your established friends either?

You’re probably wondering why I actually like such a huge city? Mmm you never feel like your in it. The amount of activisty / community things going on is huge and I just happened to find a group that I really fit with. Plus the music, lifestyle, culture, and all the rest is bumpin.

So with all that in mind Sydney, friends, community, and Ella I say … “Catch you around..I’ll be back..or you’ll be in my land soon enough.” Here’s shedding a tear for you.



The Bakery[Sorry for all those checking out my website I’ve been a bit of sleeping giant on the net. More or less just been super busy and not wanting to sit in front of a computer. But I love to write so I’m back for good]

On Thursday night I figured I’d better check out the massive collective of funkified band members of The Bakery. They are an amazing group of 11 members that play all kinds of crazy funk music. Okay yes this is a plug for them but seriously folks if you are livingin Sydney you’d be stupid not to check them out. And you’d be even more stupid not to shake your ass to this music. The last time I had the pleasure of checking them out was at Peat’s Ridge Music festival where they had just formed a little while earlier. They have fully pulled their sound together and not only are they great to listen to but fuckin amazing to watch (dancin on the stage is only but one of their rad additions to the performance).

On that note there was a great political band that played afterwards that I have to admit was pretty great too. The Locals are quite a political band spinning out amazing rhyming lyrics about politics, consumption, war, and what we are doing to our environment all backed by an amazing set of riffs and beats. I was really impressed with the message and it was nice to be at a venue where someone was speaking the truth about a lot of crazy shit in the world (and yet kinda making a joke about it — read: it was fun to listen to but made you think at the same time). Do it up boys.

It's starts with C and ends with MassFriday was marked with much adventure and good times for me. I started the day by cruising out to downtown via a nice relaxing ferrie with a bit of sprinkle. It was beautiful to catch a different glimpse of the Sydney Opera House and Bridge while arriving at the Circular Quay boat dock.

I spent the afternoon checking out the National Museum of Art and discovering some pretty cool art and photography there. I was a little bit disappointed that I couldn’t go check out the aboriginal art (main reason why I went) because they were revamping that section. I guess I’ll have to come back later to check this out some more.

The highlight of the day was definitely the fantastic bike celebration known as Critical Mass, which is a celebration on the last Friday of every month [during favourable weather conditions] in most (if not all) major cities. Cyclists take to the streets in huge numbers and ride through like full traffic. There had to be at least 400+ cyclists riding on the road and the spirit was lively, friendly, and completely full of love. It lasted for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours approximately. I hate comparing things but I have to say that the spirit at this bike celebration was so much more free than what I experience in Toronto. People came with speakers mounted in their bike panniers or separate trailers, danced, smiled, and also brought kids along for the ride too. IT WAS SOOO GREAT! Whereas in Toronto I really felt like the spirit was very mellow and not so much a big party (people on the road kept asking us what we were doing).

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Whooaaa BIKES!On Monday I headed off to the Nunnery Bike Workshop to build a bicycle for me to use around Australia and right now around Sydney. Within minutes I had picked out a bike from there large selection of recycled, dumpstered, and donated bikes. The philosophy of this group is to provide bikes to anyone who wants one and based on the varying skills they’ll help you and provide you with a bike that requires more/less work. I found my baby from the pile to the left.

They run the cooperative out of the back of a yard in Sydney that has ample space for bike storage, repair, and a shed for tools. It’s a really great space and the people that run the entire show are super rad!

So for the next 6 hours I spent replacing brake wires, gear wires, tires, and all the rest for my new road bike. Props to Erica the coolest bike mechanic that I know for teaching me so much on the

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