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So it’s been a massive dream to move all the contents of my house from one part of a city to another by bicycle. I all started when I was on The Otesha Project in Canada and met this amazing Food Not Bombers (well one womyn particularly) in Victoria who had moved all the contents of her place on this trailer they had built out of a stretcher used to bring peeps out of the bush.

I was in total awe and respect when I heard that I planned secretly of doing that myself.

Believe it or not we got cheered from several cafes along route which was ubber rad in my opinion. And motorists kinda just looked in respect and awe and took photos on cameras and cheered us on. Epic journey. Beautiful peeps and man I’d do it again in a heart beat!

So without further ado…

And heh if you are bored check out the first Bike Move that happened just before mine by my rad friend Kat…

Oh yeah folks it’s a freakin movement…


It's starts with C and ends with MassFriday was marked with much adventure and good times for me. I started the day by cruising out to downtown via a nice relaxing ferrie with a bit of sprinkle. It was beautiful to catch a different glimpse of the Sydney Opera House and Bridge while arriving at the Circular Quay boat dock.

I spent the afternoon checking out the National Museum of Art and discovering some pretty cool art and photography there. I was a little bit disappointed that I couldn’t go check out the aboriginal art (main reason why I went) because they were revamping that section. I guess I’ll have to come back later to check this out some more.

The highlight of the day was definitely the fantastic bike celebration known as Critical Mass, which is a celebration on the last Friday of every month [during favourable weather conditions] in most (if not all) major cities. Cyclists take to the streets in huge numbers and ride through like full traffic. There had to be at least 400+ cyclists riding on the road and the spirit was lively, friendly, and completely full of love. It lasted for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours approximately. I hate comparing things but I have to say that the spirit at this bike celebration was so much more free than what I experience in Toronto. People came with speakers mounted in their bike panniers or separate trailers, danced, smiled, and also brought kids along for the ride too. IT WAS SOOO GREAT! Whereas in Toronto I really felt like the spirit was very mellow and not so much a big party (people on the road kept asking us what we were doing).

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