This image draws me back to a trip a while ago when I travelled to Yurta Yurta Land with Uncle Wayne and Than-lan, a beautiful and wonderful friend.

We were sitting under this tree when Uncle Wayne told us that for years, for centuries, for a period not all that fathomable to me there had been Aboriginals gathering to collect clams, eat, and leave the “garbage” near the tree. I lay there thinking about the tree growing, collecting shells, and experiencing this connection/relationship.

At the heart of it all is…
my heart
something different

In a few days it’ll be my birthday, and again I progress to another age but this time I think it feels different. I still don’t feel 30 (well I’m turning 31). But looking back … back into the past like I felt when I was laying underneath this tree has made me smile and also take a deep breath.

So much has changed, progressed, and moved in my life.

I’ve been talking with my birth mother Cathy for the last three months now (and talked my half-bro Chase too), which is raw and intense and beautiful all at the same time. I’m connecting with my roots.

I’m trying (with my side-kick Ange) to build two beautiful bicycle tours for The Otesha Project (Australia) all the while writing grants for funding and wondering how the heck I’ll stay in this beautiful country they call Australia. First priority: build tours, create it, facilitate this vision that can happen, that we know can have a big impact, that people want to be a part of. Then the rest will come and if it doesn’t I wasn’t meant to stay just yet. Other adventures or movements to experience …

A sense of friends and strength around me. I feel a sense of connection with the peeps around me because each of them are important in their own way. I’m talkin about those that are close to me now – distance or far – and just feeling that when I can. Without my friends I feel at times like I wouldn’t be where I am. That that fostering or normalicy creates so much more true sense of connection to who I want to be. What I am becoming.

Community. mmm. one of the most important these days for me. I think that without having lots of people around to share things with. To trade veggies with. To discuss, chat, debate, and glean food and make breakfast for. Community in the last year has become so strong, so important, so ESSENTIAL.

Feelin the potential. The potential of people. Potential of energy. You get whatcha give. I smile when I see how stoked peeps are with what energy we are putting into The Otesha Project (OZ). What I’m putting into my life. What I’m putting into my heart.

Healing. Listening to my heart. Working and growing from a place of change and hardship to something pure and true. Something where I know things just “work” out cause well they do. Is that because I’m following my heart and feeling strong about where it leads me. I think so. I never felt this at my job at SMART. Or other places cause I wasn’t connected to my own passion – even though I knew it wasn’t for me.

The power of you. Yes I see it. Yes I feel it. And I like it when peeps come to me and challenge me. It’s beautiful. I want to give them a hug. Or when they come and say – wtf you got that from a bin. This is fuckin cool. Or when we talk about the ethics of bottled water or coke and how your choices here effect people in India. I’d never back down discussions cause without discussion we aren’t going to change. And damnit the day I stop changing is the day I’m dead. Serious. We gotta grow and adapt and reflect on what is happening around us. I’m not on a soap box here just trying to speak truth. What’s easier? Yes not paying attention – until 10 years down the line when you have no choice cause that child you had needs to have a world to live in that will be around when they are 80.

Power to the youth!

Shit I’m so inspired by the people around me.