I have a beautiful friend that I meant at the Dreaming Festival last year named Rachel Shields. She’s aboriginal, a musician, a full of this amazing spirit to which I was immediately drawn to when I first met her. I respect for all the levels of connection she has with this sacred land. The other day I got this little ditty from her and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy it. xo


By Rachel Shields © 2004/2007

They say,

Our songs have no story

Our language lost in the wind

We no longer know the dances

The tradition we lived in

They say there are no real Aborigines

Left to walk the land No one with the fire stick

No paintings of the hand

They say

It’s for the better

The life we’re living now

They say

we don’t appreciate

The milk that’s from their cow!

They say

“Go on then, go bush!”

“Grab ya lap lap and your spear!”

“Go on then go bush, if ya

Want to whinge about what you’ve got here!”

But that’s what they say

To justify their past

They say it without thoughtfulness

They say it without pride

They say it to cover up the fear

They won’t say they have inside

Well I say,

Our songs live through us

Our language dances on the wind

Our Traditions may be fragmented,

Through Spirit we are the next of kin.

We are living breathing Kooris, Murrys

We come in many shades.

We walk this land our mother

We feel her every day.

Our hands are strong and beautiful

They hold our lore’s at heart

Though our firesticks been copied

And our paintings now fine art

Was it for the better?

That we’ll never know!

Though we’re living in the moment,

Our hearts ache as we grow.

It’s a healing journey,

a process that takes time.

I’d love to grab my Lap Lap,

Go bush live off the land.

I’d love to leave my hand print,

And draw pictures in the sand.

I’d love to speak the language,

That swims through my veins.

I’d love to feel the sunrise,

instead of all the pain.

I’m not afraid to tell you,

I tell you this with strength and pride.


NOW look into my eyes.

I carry all you think I’ve lost,

I’m a child of the Dreamtime

And I won’t hide