This tasty recipe will not only wet your appetite for more but it will make you want to make your own. And that’s what we are about is sharing and expanding the recipe to include all the zesty additions that you have to contribute.


  • Concepts
    • Progressive people – not all have to be environmentalists just willing to commit to something progressive and good. Frugality is a bonus as it makes it easy to convince of actions = reducing cash usage
    • Frugality – always seen as a stingy norm but this misconception is getting a new come back in Australia with three new released Gold plated albums. In all seriousness frugality is the end result of learning how to actually live with less.
    • Creative minds – The more ideas the more you move…
  • Stuff
    • Buckets – to save water of course
    • Jars – bring on the canning
    • Timers
    • Shovels
    • Seeds

Recipe (Preparing the goods)

Taking Stock of What We Have

It seems that over time in this house and I suppose in my life I’ve just been working towards having / building / making more community. Why? Simple really. I just don’t think our world is sustainable without building community, without re-learning old things we used to do (rather than relying on products that others make, emissions needed to make that stuff, and throwing it away in a dumpster for me to find), and because with community we create support.

Mixing Ingredients Thoroughly

I don’t think it’s about adopting heaps of things at once either. Building slowly and definitely put the heat on simmer until your ready to boil. Here’s some funky action:

Water Systems

  • Grey water systems – All the shower water (redirected water piping or showering over bucket) is used to flush our toilets – 6 litres per day at least
  • Bucket in Shower – Catches our clean water when we first turn on the shower and wait waaaait for it to heat up – used to water our food YEAH!
  • All washing machine water saved to water plants
  • Dishwater – Towards the plants or toilet you choose!
  • Toilet dams – Placing a bottle filled with water reduces your toilet especially when you don’t have dual flush — frankly even with dual flush here it still helps

Electrical — zzzzzzTT

  • Unplug from the walls or turn the wall switch off – Believe it or not it still draws electricity from the wall when a computer is off or other appliances
  • Use energy efficient bulbs – Way WAAY less zzzT zzT being used
  • Timers – Oh this one is coolio to use on your fridge. Set a timer to turn the fridge off for a few hours in the middle of the night and the fridges body mass will still keep food good.

Cooking with Chef Shano

  • Canning / pickling (soon) – Great way to store food before it goes off & allows you to can in season food – How come we have started to think that we can get the same food all year round? What happens when we can’t rely on that any more? Not saying we should be scared but think about it though.
  • Bread making – oh yeah baby experiment away with sour dough and it doesn’t require a large amount of work
  • Hot box – A sleeping bag or insulation is placed inside a plastic box, sheet overtop, and when pot on stove reaches boil place it inside the box and cover. No joke the pot is still quite hot after 40 minutes of cooking = no energy use
  • Cook Together – Loneliness sucks yo
  • Sunday Breaky – One day a month invite other peeps over (we are dumpstering goods and makin a big cook-up for anyone who wants to come — thanks heaps Trianne for the inspiration yo)

Foody FOod

  • Dumpstered (heh it makes for good jams and pickling – you waste and I taste)
  • Grow Your Own – This is a big one for us and important to do! Eating healthy and saving seeds
  • Buy local / buy ethical – Reduces those good ole’ CO2 emissions and when you can’t get it local you are supporting a closer community. Oh yes and for those far away purchase just consider the ethics and surge ya money into something healthy and good and a fair wage.
  • Share – Repeat and then repeat again


  • Food Collectives – A good way to actually get more organic food is to create your own collective. We are in the process of setting up a collective between three or four houses where we buy organic dried goods at cost from supplies (like a grocery store) and then distribute that amongst us. It saves money and the envrio yo
  • Swap – Clothes, canned food, food you’ve grown, whatever. The foundation of a community comes from what you make not what an institution or a corporation makes you think it is. Seriously!

Got more…bring it on.

Have freakin fun!

Heaps of