Start of the roadtripLast weekend Chris, Bec, and myself rolled out of the Permaforest Trust seeking new adventures, time to let our hair down, and some great music! We were heading to the Bellingen Global Carnival to watch international artists rock several different stages.

Our journey started with a few late night road pops, french fries (mmm yum), and several dumpster dive sessions during our 4 hour journey down the coast. We managed to find heaps of veggies and a few other treats to feed us for the entire weekend. I have to admit that I was still quite surprised at how much we did find when we discovered the right bins…

Do I look like something out of magazine advertising Gap?

The following morning we realized that our campsite at the festival was surrounded by beautiful trees and rad neighbours. We had played a night of truth or dare and I had been dared to wear a dress at the festival for one hour (among other things). So in the morning I did a photo shoot with Chris and Bec with Bec’s beautiful dress. It was a pretty good experience to wear a skirt…

Ironically, after Bec suggested later that I should turn it into a skirt and wear it for the rest of the day I didn’t hesitate *well I felt a bit nervous but then kinda thought…man what’s the problem here this is a cool skirt*. So for the remainder of the festival I confiscated Bec’s skirt and wore it and still have it at the trust — dunno if she’ll ever get it back.

Wearing a skirt/dress kinda made me realize some things about social/gender norms that we hold about ourselves. That a male is generally thought to be strong, tough, not have a feminine side, and not to wear such things as dresses and skirts except of course kilts. There’s a cultural significants to kilts that makes this an exception.

Although, honestly, most of the womyn I’m ever attracted to don’t actually prescribe to those gender roles, because they realize that it’s no way to move the liberation of feminism and equality forward. We still have a long way to go and I think that men need to accept that they have a major role in joining the movement too. I didn’t wear the dress primarily for social commentary though…but because I actually liked it. Especially without knickers on. 😛
Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to dance. So wearing a dress created this entire new level of dancing for me as well. I was able to (much to my happiness) use it during Celtic dancing, salsa, and reggae music by shaking it around. Funny enough Juju (read about her lada) sister Yanni saw me dancing with my skirt and asked her sister if she would loan her one of the skirts Juju was wearing so she could use it while dancing (yep she was jealous she told me so). Damn where had skirts been for me all this time!!!?!?! The environment I was in at this festival was beautiful because I had a few womyn approach me, compliment me on my skirt, and then tell me that they wished more men would wear skirts! Oh wait did I say just womyn actually I had men approaching me complimenting me on it as well. How cool is that!
Irish two step

Yeah it made me feel better about wearing the skirt fo shizzle. For guys out there considering this think about this first. What’s actually making you not consider wearing one if you are interested in the first place? Some environments can be rougher than others to wear skirts (like I might get beaten in a downtown Calgary street for doing so but then perhaps not). But it’s really about your attitude. It’s about that for a lot of things in life. It just goes to show that when, as a male, you delve more into the feminine side of your self you are supported by the female peers for being open and confident. If you aren’t then perhaps question why your friends aren’t that comfortable with it and then consider why they are your friends. Is it REALLY that big of a deal?

I’ll definitely tout my skirt more often (that’s if Bec actually let’s me keep it).

After much dancing I met this really awesome and beautiful womyn named Juju (along with her two rad sisters as well). We hit it off instantly on the dance floor, and pretty much spent the entire weekend dancing, goofing around, swimming, and watching her sister Yanni do tricks on the trapeze. Her sister was pretty fuckin talented! Yep they didn’t call it a carnival for nothing.

Messin with the enhancements on my camera...

On Monday we decided that we would spend a bit of time gleaning around the festival grounds to see what we could find before it all got thrown away. During our rounds we found clothes (that were new and left behind or thrown out), food, and even ice blocks to cool ourselves down while we searched.

Oh and at the festival they had these decorated paper banners they used to spruce up the area. We helped the grounds people take down the banners, and then instead of throwing them into the recycling bin we took the paper to be used for Christmas cards and letters to friends. I always figure that if something like paper, cardboard, or envelopes aren’t totally trashed why not use them a second or third time before recycling them. So much energy goes into creating this stuff in the first place, and even more energy to recycle it why not reuse it a few more times before recycling it. Plus it makes for interesting letters, boxes, and envelopes.

Our crew then jumped into the car and headed to the beach for a few hours near Bellingen. It was really nice to get back there and do some sand-art, see the surf, and take in the ocean again! Damn it’s beautiful heh! Then as we were heading home we managed to score a load more food and some other things that we have been able to use around the trust *like a brand new spray can I found in a dumpster*. Heaps and heaps of food — bananas, green peas, fruit, donuts (yep a huge bag), jam, … and the list goes on.

I hope this finds everyone really well. I’m still feelin pretty fuckin high from this last weekend….it was a really nice opportunity to get out and bust it up. And it’s crazy to think that in less than 3 weeks I’ll be leaving the trust here to head to Sydney to stay for a little while before heading to Melbourne. I’m sad about this realization more cause I feel really tight to some of the peeps here. They have a really special place in my heart and I feel even closer to Bec and Chris now that we are like Three’s Company without the 70’s awkward commentary of a man living with two women in the same apartment (pretending to be gay). But the reverse (two men and one womyn — bring on the snuggles)

My tree

Dumpstered Food