[I’ve been a bit busy and neglected to post this earlier…but it’s still good and important to write I think. Something I came up with while flying back to OZ. Though it’s spoke word and I kinda wish that I could have scanned in the original version with all the artwork and shit.]

What we don’t understand here

I’m looking around
Wondering what I’ve found?

All this movement,
Notions, Motions, Commotion…

Created by you
The B.C. Crew!

Your techni-colour feats
Inspire my beats…

Push the boundary
So we don’t have to live in bigotry
Save what we gots

By blowing your administration
Demand new creation

A change
From the group up isn’t so FUCKIN’ strange?
It’s easy

to become jaded, faded, & hated.

But you gotta ask yo-self what you want.
This isn’t about writing our future in a new font,
Willing a new want,
Or just talking blunt.

We want new beats.
Down with this individualist me-ME-ME BULLSHIT!
And order me a plate of community I CAN DEAL wit.