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Woop There It Is

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything on this crazy website and some of you migth have wondered if I had croaked or given up on the web. Not really…not that radical. Still love reflecting, sharing, and being in the moment.

Upon arriving home in Canada I stayed in Calgary for two straight weeks mainly catching up with beautiful friends, visiting my family,  attend my sister Shannon’s wedding, and then attending my good friend Shawna’s wedding (where I was bustin up the mic as the MC. Oh I’m sure you are thinking “Danger will Robinson” but it wasn’t that bad I had a blast! And cracked a few jokes — even though I was poopin my pants in the meantime)

It was beautiful to see how amazing my friends are moving along on different but similar paths. Growing in ways that I expected and didn’t expect. But in the end I feel proud to be surround with amazing people doing these different things. To experience and share them in different and beautiful ways. I’m just lucky to have that, be a part of their experience, and share some part of that with them. I thank each one of you that is doing something really different and unique, pushing your limits and societal boundaries so that I might look upon you and feel inspired.

The Crew

Then I headed out to British Columbia for one week before leaving on a jet plane back to Australia (yep that quick and no I don’t feel that great about it but given the circumstances of extending my visa — it’s a long story — I kinda had too).

It was beautiful to be out in British Columbia chillin with old friends from the BC Otesha Tour one last time before I jumped on a plane destined for the other side of the world again. It was like this beautiful convergence of all these rad peeps who live all around Canada and elsewhere on one day to celebrate Yodi’s birthday (Jodi). The crew being The Switz, Lani, Alicia, Jeanie, Yodi, The Hersh, Mel, Jen, and Moi. A fine crew to  head out for some  good  yummy food and then chillin on the beach for a few hours catchin up.

Thetis Lake

I left Vancouver a few days later and headed straight for Victoria, Recylistas, beers with Trianne & Jen, Thetis swims, and just some nice hanging out in that rad town/city/villa. I spent a nice afternoon chillin with Trianne having lunch (preventing her from working more like it) at Recylistas. Then a ride down to Thetis lake and a dip in my undies was a perfect way to finish my Victoria tour.

Then I was off to bust a move with Wheats up at Linnaea farms on Cortes Island. It was nice to see Farmer Wheatcroft in her element and share food with her from the beautiful garden she is building. Folks when I tell you that girl is going places with her skills (skills to pay the bills) I’m not kidding. It was pretty nice to spend time chillin out on Cortes, visiting more of the island I hadn’t seen the last time, and seeing everything from different eyes from the last time I was there.

I think the downtime I had on the island gave me a good perspective of how much I love Canada. How special it is to me, that if I could have bottled the smell of pine for my trip I would have, and that I think there are amazing people there (Canada) as there are her in OZ. Not to say that this new phase back in Australia is a wrong choice just a different one. I think it’s special to know how precious a place like Canada is to me. Makes me realize that as a society the sooner we stop to realize that it is special, we want it there for our children, our children’s children, and beyond that we might stop and think about ways we can conserve water, drive less, use more efficient light bulbs, recycle, share ideas with each other, buy local, and generally just care more about community building.

For those that I didn’t get to see I still love you. Drop me a line I’d love to hear how you are doing!


PS – Mal thanks for making my last day nice and enjoyable too. It was nice to catchup before you headed back to Ottawa and me OZ.

Smelt Bay


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