Bennie & Tess or Bennet & TomPrelude: (Scene shows trucks driving by with gruff looking men and some really nice drivers) Anyone who says that hitchin with truckies is A) easy to get B) not an epic journey C) available anytime has not sat at a truck stop for a day and half waiting for a ride. After spending an amazing week at the Students for Sustainability conference meeting some really rad folk and getting to know Bennie, Tess, and Pat I felt it was time to bail (Bennie, Tess, and Pat put me up at their humble abode prior to the conference and afterward). The day before I left we had one last goodbye session, good food, a movie, and of course critical mass (like the icing on any cake).

The next day (very tired) Scarlett & I headed off to the trucky station. Half a day passed and no ride appeared so we headed back to Bennie’s place (to their surprise – or perhaps I couldn’t get enough of these rad peeps). We got up super early the following day (Monday) and headed back to suss out another ride. After spending an entire day at the truck location (and being told that “we would never get a ride together”, “truckies don’t leave this day”, … read: truckies in Perth don’t like driving men and generally give womyn rides but watch out cause they might expect something — that was Scarlett’s later experience)

I got about 3 hours of sleep that night and felt a bit shitty but wanted to meet Ella on Thursday when she was arriving into Melbourne. Tragically, I couldn’t take the train cause it rocked up a bit late into Melbourne (and turned out to be completely full) & paid for a flight. An hour after I left back for Bennie’s place Scarlett and Alice (our other friend who was hitchin) got a ride with some sketchy truckies (wanting a bit more … I’m proud of Scarlett for holding her own). Maurice also managed to score a ride but from regular cars across the dessert (go figure). Chris & I were the only two who were completely unsuccessful catchin a lift?!?

That's what I'm talkin aboutIt’s not the lack of rides that really made Perth for me. It was the people. Arriving back at Bennie’s Tuesday morning at Bennie’s joint again was pretty funny as he was pretty shocked and surprised. These guys were so amazing letting me into their home, giving me a bed, driving me around town (& to the airport), and acting as though all of this is nothing…as if I were family. You can’t buy that. Sometimes you feel strong connections with peeps and I’m lucky to have discovered that. This house was filled with some beautiful love, support, and goodness. Pat, Bennie, and Tess were rad kats with great attitudes, dance moves, and open arms. If I were meant to understand and feel what “real” peeps from Perth are like I surely got a taste. Each night we did a little dumpster mission and made massive cookups (or feeds) for the hungry masses. So to the kids @ 105 I pay you homage.


You peeps are so alive!
Bennie with his tall bike
Tess bust a jive with the Sos mic
N’ Pat get down with her Spanish lingo.

Was dope to have a crib
Where I could relax and adlib

My homies in Perth are dope
With plenty of influence & love to cope

Putcha hands in da air
Putcha hands in da air
Putcha hands in da air

It aint me
It aint you
That’s driving dis change
It’s us moth fucka.

My brothas & sistas
This bro is happy to not be another mista

Share dat love inside
Inspire some resistant hide
I’ll be watchin ya back all aside.

Bike Grease
And Dumpstered Fleece