According to a friend I was speaking with yesterday Polynesian or Maori (sorry don’t remember which) say that in their beliefs it is better for a person to pass along things that they own rather than keeping it completely to themselves.

It’s something that I love to hear. It’s something that reminds me of the essence of good community when you gift something to someone, and then they in turn do the same when they are finished with it. Plus think about all the material stuff that we would stop wasting if we passed things along.

So the first thing I did was contacted my friend Kelsey who is moving into a new home to see if she wanted my desk that I still have lying around in my sisters basements… (read: collecting dust and not being of any use unless given away)

Love, life, and laughter friends,


PS – next are all these books I have been carrying around and a few other things I can offload.