Tasman walk beachAfter meeting up with Becs (a musician from OZ) and Lilo (an Austrain sculture) in Takaka we all decided to rent a vehicle and roll down the westcoast together (read: 1 Villie *his name* which was a station wagon we all crammed into at night for rest…it was an amazing feat).

The westcoast of New Zealand proved to be one of hte most memoriable moments of this trip yet. The breath taking forests, beaches, rock, caves, and all the rest really had me feeling more and more connected with nature. It was nice to travel with two other peeps who like to take their time with no real agenda on hand. It made for interesting and beautiful moments together filled with music making, lots of amazing conversations, and interesting meals made in the bush.

Cool caves to explore

We managed to dumpster dive a bit of fruit and such to eat together (they were into my diving techniques and it made it easy in places like Takaka where the organics are placed in seperate bins). We also managed to make mattresses out of scavanged cardboard boxes for some padding rather than buying something to later be thrown out or carted elsewhere.

I definitely agree with Lilo that the best part of the Westcoast (thus far) has been that from Westport to Greymouth. And if you are rollin down that area PLEASE take your time rather than just rockin up somewhere, taking a picture, and then rollin on. Not sure how people are able to do that really but I guess it’s really your perogative. I think that at this point I have that connection with the earth that I was looking for since I got to New Zealand (thanks to Becs and her strong native connections). I think it’s going to make my trek through the Heaphy Track that much more special for me.

Hope life is rollin well for everyone! After the Heaphy Track I’m heading to a national park near Greymouth to do some conservation work! WAHOO!