[Note: If you’ve sent me an email recently chances are I haven’t replied because my email out here seems really not all that accessible. Not sure if the government is blockin it or that the hosting is crapola. I know it’s up cause my friends back in canada have told me so. So bare with me ๐Ÿ˜› ]

There is lots to write about (thoughts wise) but just to give you an update I’ve been chillin out in Christchurch with my old friend Duncan whom I met on the Galapagos Island. We worked together on a”trying-to-be” sustainable farm out there signing Queen songs at night while washing dishes. It was nice to see him again! I’m off today to check out some hot springs, do some more hiking (an abudance in this city), and see some dolphins on the weekend.

It’s weird I’ve spent a bit of time researching local activist groups to no avail it seems. Kinda a weird scene not being to hook up with some common peeps but that’s life on the road I suppose. So all those out there just remember it’s at times like this that I remember all the rad stuff you are doing to make the world a better place *thanks for that*.

More to come when I get a chance!

Peace and bike grease,