For the last three days I headed out with Aline to do the Coastal Track in the Royal National Park (oldest natural park in the world) a 23.5 KM (although I think we ended up doing more like 26 KM) hike from Bundeena down to Otford along the coastline. It’s a great little hike because you can catch the train from Sydney to Bundeena and then home from Otford (yah for mass transit folks).

This route was filled with some amazing coastline, heat, lack of water (made if more challenging for collecting and finding good sources — yah to McGiverShane), cliffs, trees, and space away from the craziness of busy Sydney. Aline and I were getting a little stur crazy in Sydney and decided to head out together to the coast.

Along the way we ran into Maurice from the Nunnery Bike Workshop and his rad partner Kaitlin who were hiking the exact opposite direction. It was a nice treat to run into someone that you know, really like, and care about show up in the bush. Sorta like that icing on the cake really. It was good to chill out with Kaitlin a bit more too. The second night was spent enjoying some wine, food, and good laughs together. It’s kinda funny how you can escape the hustle and then everything seems to be really casual and chilled out. Aline was a nice compliment to all that as I found all our conversation to be centred around the environment, good vibes, making change, and permaculture. Uh yes I nice compliment to my time at Peats Ridge Festival.

I then have spent a bit of time back in Sydney getting ready to head out to New Zealand on Friday (oh that’s right folks taking a two month jaunt out there). Aline and I spent a bit of timing setting up a compost and working on a few areas that she plans to plant flowers and other food items in near her place in Bondi as well. The more that I get my hands in soil the more I realize that I love it! That I probably belong in some permaculture program, that trying to do things with youth is where it’s at, and that taking a course on permaculture has my name written all over it.