Rebicycle TentI realize I haven’t posted for a while but I was out at Peats Ridge Festival from the 29th of December to January 2nd with the Nunnery crew volunteering at a bicycle co-op there (so blame it on not having internet, being in the bush, and lovin every minute of it).

We rode into the festival from Hawksbery River station (27 KM) along an old highway and as it turned out there was about 30 or so riders into the festival (being that this was the first time it was a good show I think).

There were tonnes of elements that this festival had that really impressed me (or made me poop my pants in excitement). Completely composting toilets for all festies (festival goers), bamboo plates/cutlery (chopped up and composted), compost bins & recycling bin, solar powered generators, bio-diesel, grey water collection systems for showers (free biodegradable soap/shampoo for use), and so much more. It was an impressive setup considering some of the other festivals I’ve been too in the past!

I spent most of the time chillin with the bicycle crew in our tent renting out bikes, repairing campers bikes, and giving out free hugs! HAA HAA Actually there was also a courier service that I took great pride in.
I can’t complain with the experience that I had but I do think it might have been good to have more time to take in some of the seminars that were put on. There were (from others that I know went) some pretty amazing discussions going on about mud-brick building, sustainable building, permaculture, etc (frothing at the mouth). More photos can be viewed here from Moz’s camera.
Regardless, I did get time to chill out and catch some amazing bands. Our news years started with a critical mass throughout the festival grounds doing figure-8’s, talking to peeps, and plenty of laughing. One highlight for the night was watching a local Tasmania political rap band called Combat Wombat *I love these dudes* It was a nice way to start of my New Years celebration (bustin up the beats on the dance floor, yellin, and been out there!). As if I’m not like that all the time pffft.

Something worth reading: Being out in the country with 10, 000 people (really chilled out surprisingly) made me really return back to place of calm. One afternoon I took off with Aline for a ride out of the festival grounds and around the country side. It was like a breath of fresh air being out there, and sometimes I think it’s easy to forget that we are well a small part of this entire planet. I feel really grounded in the bush, complete, and chilled out. I just hope that everyone takes some moment this year to find that grounding, deep breaths of fresh air, and relaxation.

My wish fo you peeps: I’d like to write each one of you but well I’m kinda slammed with things to get done before I head to New Zealand (sorry folks). So I hope that each one of you has a year filled with love, adventure, challenges, growth, kindness, sharing, learning, and plenty of LAUGHTER!

– Big smiles & hugs from your crazy friend Shane