[Apologies for the potentially lameness of this post. I can’t get the downloading of pics working on this crapola computer]

So I rolled into Tasmania (land of cool chilled out people, big mountains obviously not as big as ours back home but whatever, and friendly people). I’ve been staying with a fellow friend and Oteshite Mr. Ed Parker and his amazing girlfriend Sof. They setup a room and have given me free rain to do whatever I wish while I ‘m with them.

After the first day of arriving her I ended up heading down to Port Arthur. This tourist junction is chalked full of some pretty amazing history (some tragic). Basically, this settlement was used to contain criminals of all different shapes and sizes. What made it different than most prisons is that they were attempting to try and reform inmates through hard labour, some cruel punishment, and other techniques. It really surprised me to see the types of life sentences that people were receiving. Like a life sentence for things like stealing a loaf of bread and some milk (yah no joke life for that!). But it was amazing to see all the energy put into that settlement by the inmates and realize that most didn’t really deserve the way they had been treated.

Then on the weekend I went to an amazing market here in Hobart! I managed to spend three hours at the market buying vegan pies, organic veggies, funk clothes, and just enjoying the environment. People in Hobart are super friendly, generous, and kind. This community reminds me a great deal of Canmore (in Alberta) to a slightly larger scale. A huge mountain in the background make Hobart’s weather quite like Calgary’s in that it changes within an hour (from hard rain & colder temperatures to warm and super sunny). I would definitely rate this as one of my top 10 places to live. There are shitloads of things to do and the large hippy contingent always helps to sway my vote!

On Saturday night we headed off camping to this sweet little pull off across from Bruny Island (on the main Tasmania island). The location was totally gorgeous and the night was spent playing hilarious charades, watching dolphins swim/eat, listening to birds, and talkin shit. It felt right to be out in the country again around nature where I belong!

I had been tossing around the idea of whether I was going to head out with the Cycle for Sustainability (C4S) for the tail end of their tour or ride my bike elsewhere. I was kinda looking for a sign and it smacked me right in the face on Sunday. I headed out to the Wilderness Society’s carbon neutral fundraiser on Sunday afternoon to groove out to some amazing bands and meet some enviro junkies like myself. It was hard to watch some of the photos that were displayed after the bands played showing the destruction of these ancient forests. To put things simply: The government has allowed Gunns (logging company) to chop down old growth forests to be used for wood chips. Yes wood-chips. Not even for good lumber for something nice. Everyone who knows me understands I’m not a fan of unsustainable logging, but this takes the cake in my opinion. Tazzie activists have been doing tree sits and camp outs for sometime to halt the logging that is taking place. Some of this is having an effect on the local government and the people of Tasmania won’t rest until more of the land is protect (more power to them).

During the event I met Holly would had just returned from the C4S tour! She’s a really rad girl with good energy and dreams for Otesha (type) presentations geered for Tasmanians. So I got my sign. Today I head off (at 4 PM) with a loaded bike, some good spirits, and a bus ticket destined for Triabunna along the east coast of Tazzie to visit/ride with some cool peeps. I’m pretty fuckin excited to be honest.

I hope that life is treating you all well! That you are getting ready for a nice Christmas break, and enjoying a nice tea with a warm blanket (at least for those in the winter — sub in beer for those in OZ). I’m sending my love out to you all. Oh and yes I’ve received e-mail but don’t have free internet or time to write back to everyone just yet (hope you can understand).

Much love, happiness, adventure, learning, and growth!

Do it up! Ride hard and free,