Cleanup at the workshopA quick update on my part: On Wednesday I headed to a Creative Descent party where all types of people show up to display art, play music, cook food, and the like. It was an amazing atmosphere held in the back of an old seedy bar near the downtown core. The entire experience was freakin’ amazing actually.

I spent the early part of the party helping to prepare the dived food that JP and Maurice had collected for the event. It was well received by the people who attended (probably about 40-60 peeps there). [Maurice is on the left of that picture and JP is on the right.]

Then later there was plenty of bands playing, dancing, people creating art, spoken word, and other hilarious things. Donations for Wednesday’s event went towards the Bicycle Co-op that I have been working at lately. Then on Friday it was another Worker Bee (read: get together to clean things up) session at the Bicycle Co-op to get things sorted out for the next workshop this coming Monday. The work that we had done on Tuesday was totally successful and cleaning a lot more of the workshop up and making it 100x more functional. Friday’s work was even better in getting a LOT more sorted out!

Andrew riding away!On a cool note my cousin Andrew had the day off from school and was stoked about heading down to the Bicycle Co-op to check it out with me. I was pretty pumped about taking him there, and he was a huge help at the co-op in building the fence, sorting parts, and general mayhem. I spent the entire time organizing the hot sweaty shed with the two shelving units that were being thrown away at the local uni with the help of Tasha. We made some amazing progress and I think it’s way easier to access materials now. Before that I spent time on repairing the big huge gate that had fallen off the fence with Mark’s expertise. Man do I ever love working with my hands!!

As a consolation prize Andrew asked if he could work on a bike later in the day while we finished some of the work we were doing. After a bit of repair he was able to leave with a sweet new mountain bike that he rode quite a ways home (while I carried our purchased pizza by foot — :-P). Andrew’s a really rad kid man! He’s got a lot of enthusiasm for life which I appreciate being around. Today we headed out on our bikes for a nice jaunt around (up and down some pretty massive hills — still haven’t decided whether I like the up or down more). And now Andrew’s thinking about riding his new ride to / from school instead of getting his mom to drive him! Yah to having one less car on the road, good health, and helping out Mother E! It’s exciting to be around someone who is interested in taking steps like this.

Plenty of peace and bike grease,