“There are trees on the coast stripped of bark, stark silver white, and without the bark one can see how the very wood is twisted so the dead tree seems to be like a corkscrew rooted in the earth. There are those who think that only people have emotions like pride, fear and joy, but those who know will tell you all things are alive, perhaps not in the same way we are alive, but each in its own way, as it should be, for we are not all the same. And though different from us in shape and lifespan, different in Time and Knowing, yet are trees alive. And rocks and water. And all know emotion.” Daughters of Copper Women by Anne Cameron

This book has been a great reminder of the importance of cherishing nature, remembering the hardships that natives have had to live through because of colonialism, and how much I respect indigenous people in the world. They have a good understanding of the world, earth, and cherish it more than most of us do. Why? Because it’s completely engraned in their culture to do so!

Warm thoughts,