Whooaaa BIKES!On Monday I headed off to the Nunnery Bike Workshop to build a bicycle for me to use around Australia and right now around Sydney. Within minutes I had picked out a bike from there large selection of recycled, dumpstered, and donated bikes. The philosophy of this group is to provide bikes to anyone who wants one and based on the varying skills they’ll help you and provide you with a bike that requires more/less work. I found my baby from the pile to the left.

They run the cooperative out of the back of a yard in Sydney that has ample space for bike storage, repair, and a shed for tools. It’s a really great space and the people that run the entire show are super rad!

So for the next 6 hours I spent replacing brake wires, gear wires, tires, and all the rest for my new road bike. Props to Erica the coolest bike mechanic that I know for teaching me so much on the

Ontop of building bikes there was much discussion about cool things happening around the country, diving, G-20 protests

My new baby!

in Melbourne, and helping Dylan build a single track bike for a friend of his [all gears were still on the bike we just stripped the shifters, derailleur, and reduced the chain to only fit on one gear set…which made for a pretty cool and interesting bike].

Now I feel like I’m finally connecting with some really great peeps that share like minded ideas. It’s good to get connected in communities with some people like that. So now I’ve been riding happily around the hilly city they call Sin City or Sydney.

Sending hugs and love to all,

– Shane’s new groove

PS – Bike building Tip #1: Make sure that the breaks are really setup properly for proper breaking especially in a hilly city. Otherwise divert to option B when riding down super steep hills and your breaks are faltering – USE YOUR SHOE! I was riding down an extremely steep hill at breakneck speeds on Tuesday and their was a stop light in the middle of the hill. Yah I couldn’t stop fast enough cause my breaks were a little messed up so I ended up having to put my foot down to break. I was a little scared but luckily stopped quick enough…all was good.