What kind of door is this?My flight from Calgary to Sydney was chalked full of some pretty interesting experiences. When I arrived in Hong Kong they had heat sensors on the people leaving the plane for some reason. It was cool to watch people walking through that for a little while. I have to admit that being on a plane for two days kinda puts that entire time into one big haze really (well for me at least).

When I arrived in Singapore I headed down to Little India to check out the sites, eat some amazing food (read: finally something vegan for me to eat), and friendly peeps too. The city is very bustling and a pretty interesting place to be. Then after touring the city on a free tour bus I returned back to the airport and jumped on a plane destined for Sydney, Australia (OH YAH BABY — yes I’m stoked to be here).

Dealing with Jet lag: When I flew to England I never really experience jet lag like I did coming to Australia. After touring around Singapore I arrived back to the airport feeling pretty good. Once I got back onto the plane it was around 8 PM and I was feeling pretty wasted and couldn’t entirely understand why until I looked at my watch and realized it was 4 AM Calgary time. At that point I pretty much passed out on the plane. The stewardess had to repeatedly awake me twice so that I could eat my two “vegan” meals (read: vegetables and fruit and no protein…yes I sent a complaint letter to the company what do you know me best for ;-). The next day my Aunty Arliss was bent on ensuring that I recover from my jet lag. So in the afternoon when I started to get tired she took me out for a walk and told me that I should stay awake until 8 PM (at least) that night. I figured I’d roll with this plan and honestly it worked really well! I felt awesome the next day and less tired the following night (YAAH).

Since I’ve arrived I’ve spent a bunch of time hanging around with my Aunt (mostly), hacky sackin with my cousin Andrew (he’s a rad cat), and touring around different parts of the city. Yesterday I went for a beautiful walk along Watsons Bay and Camp cove where I took a bunch of photos. It’s pretty nice to have left a country with snow on the ground to a country with splashing surf against high cliffs. It’s pretty beautiful. But for all those peeps out there that are starting to get extremely jealous I should note that I’ve been wearing a sweater the last few days because it’s still a cooler time of the year right now. Yes I know it’s at least not snowing and no I’m not complaining.

On a super RAD note I managed to find myself a Bicycle Co-op where I’ll probably have some luck building a bike to use inTrees growing huge flowers -- ooo laa laa OZ. The way that most of these places work (wanted to help Mark set one of these up in Calgary actually) is that you can go in there and for a small fee or for free you can build your own bicycle from recycled parts. It’s a pretty rad concept as they are diverting bikes from landfills and also trying to make them a more accessible means of transportation for everyone. I can’t wait to meet these peeps! I’m also kinda excited about meeting up with Caroline (my cousin I get to see this weekend), Food Not Bombs kids here, and so many more things. Damn sucka!

Thanks for an awesome going-away parties that were thrown…you guys really know how to make a guy feel like something special. And on that note I love you all…and miss you from time to time. But then that’s the nice thing about travelling, becuase you may not be with me physically but there are certain moments when I think of you and know you are somehow enjoying that moment with me too.

Love & rockets,