Well it’s officially 4 days from my departure off to OZ (Australia). Can you believe that?

I think it’s finally set in to my head that I’m leaving Calgary for a new place, some adventure, life, and challenges yet again (thanks for the nice chat tonight Wheats..you rock!) . I’m getting excited and a little nervous (expected) about going.

What are you going to do there? Umm well the plan is to buy a car like the one to theSlobbering at the thought right of this message. After spending some time with my cool Aunt in Sydney I want to tour around the country-side volunteering on permaculture wwoofing farms, do some other random jobs, see sights, talk about the environment, learn more, and generally just have lots of amazing experiences.

My dream is to head to Tasmania after a few weeks with my aunt and go see my crazy friend Ed (from Otesha) who lives down there. He’s a pretty great guy and it would be nice to have a little Australia reunion of sorts down there. Then after that I’m thinking of heading up the east coast, across the desert (oh don’t worry I’ll hit up the barrier reef too), and then down the west coast. Some of this might be overly ambitious and we’ll have to see how much time I really have to do everything. But my last three months travelling with be spent in New Zealand most likely. I’m flying out of Auckland on August 5th to head back to Canada for my sisters wedding which is happening on August 11th.

A last note. For those that I don’t get to talk to, drink with, or haven’t spent time with before I left … it kinda sucks but I’ve loved the e-mail chats and I’m sure that when I get back we’ll reconnect at some point. I’m wishing everyone an amazing year full of some adventure, life, love, happiness, and plenty of laughter (to the point of crying).