Thanksgiving was a funny weekend for me given that I spent the time on my own this year. It was a great time for me to reflect on my life and to be honest it was some ups and some downs. But I’m rollin with all of it…

Now on Monday I headed out with Deanne, Rachel, and Rachel’s son Jonas (who I fuckin love). The goal of the afternoon was to record some video material of Jonas doing Iron Man-esque activities (Jonas is 4) so that Rachel could put together a educational video on how to do an Iron Man by Jonas. One of Rachel’s friends is actually competing in the World Iron Man competition in Hawaii this year. So after a High Test (cup o’ java and two short shots of espresso) I was ready to hit the road with Jonas (a boy with endless energy). We had a rad afternoon.

But there is something about children that make people feel special. Like no other. It’s something that is genuine and innocent I guess because generally at that age you aren’t all that malicious. I was walking beside my little buddy Jonas when he turned to me and said, “Shane…shane…I think yur cool.” I lost my shit. I just about started to cry right there cause that was a super sweet thing to say to me. So I turned to the J-man and said, “Thanks that made me feel special Jonas. I think you’re one of the coolest guys I know…”