Mal & Me Chillin out in a parkIn our current day and age it’s still possible to find people who judge others by things that are more external like piercings, tattoos, sexual preferences, and race. While at the Youth Action Gathering (YAG) I heard a lot of stories about youth that were living a life of critisizim for all kinds of things (mainly sexual preference and appearance). Then travelling around I still heard people making comments about various people that would be considered racist and not necessarily politically correct. Like some kids in Toronto who said that Little-India and the people living there smelt really bad and that they wouldn’t dare get off the bus to hang around with those guys.

Honestly, sometimes I kinda wish I wasn’t caucasian and middle-class because I know it affords me some privileges that most of us take for granted. I try everyday not to take advantage of the situation that I’m in but I have to admit that I’m sure there is something that I could be avoiding.

It’s really humbling. No it’s extremely humbling. Perhaps people feel that it makes them feel more significant or “better” than the other guy by putting them down. I just think they look plain stupid. Since I got my lip ring before I came back to Calgary I have had a few people give me odd looks. It’s something that I can accept but really wish that we were in a better day and age where people looked at what was inside of me (or took the time to find out rather than judging before they even took the time). I can only imagine how worse it would be to be someone who was gay, lesbian, trans-gendered, or of a specific ethnic race.

Any way, I’m happy to say that my friends really look past who I am externally and challenge me all the time to do the same. One of those friends sent a timely e-mail today about a rad article he found that according to him depicted me if I were a hockey player. It was pretty flattering as this guy has some great things to say (Shout out to Dunc I needed that today).