Last weekend I spent Saturday with Roman, Jam, Roman, Karin, and another Shane (whooaaa weird cause I hardly ever meet Shane’s) searching for various things at the Glebe garage sale.

Ironically, I found Jamie a sweet new bike wtih the trusty help of Karin. We both test rode the new wheels (pretty retro in fact) and within minutes Jamie had herself a nice new three-speed ride to get to work on. The funny thing is I managed to hijack the bike for the entire rest of the day (using it to search out things faster than my fellow friends on foot).

Oh oh and then I headed to the organic farmer’s marketusing said bike! I really had a blast riding back to meet Jamie and Roman with the big green foliage (see picture) hanging from the back of my backpack. No it’s not anything bad just some tops off carrots. Mmm.. I managed to snag some really awesome treats from the market! I love organic and I LOVE local food even more.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Hugs and love,


 PS – The pic was taken along Jamie and Roman’s street as we were messing around with their camera! Yep I can do tricks…