So my friends at Otesha it’s been a year since we all met in a cozy and sometimes crazy town called Prince George. Not really knowing who the hell we all were, feeling nervous, feeling excited, and really digging into the work that had to be done.

I still relish those days like they were yesterday. I just spent the last two weeks in Toronto with some of my old Otesha family and some of that time was spent reminiscing about the old and reflecting on how that impacted us for the new. It’s beautiful what a two month long bike trip will do to a person. There’s a big community (21 of us to be exact) on the highway riding to each community to empower youth to try and make a difference in their worlds. Cause really it will soon be their world.

I can think back to the awesome memories of Team Eat Meee and our ability to set everything on fire and yet produce amazing food (I love salt Sarah). All the amazing bike rides I had with the peeps on the tour … and frankly the best part being that none of them were the same.

I’ve had so much time (a year) to really think about where I am at in my life. I’ve been travelling around Ecuador and now heading to OZ in November. Every thing has really changed around me a lot, but honestly I couldn’t be any happier. I feel like my life is finally going in a direction that I want and where it should go. Honestly, it was being around everyone and talking about so many different things that really helped me figure all that out. I totally love everyone on that tour so much!

Also, I think that during some of my more difficult times while I was working through some things I had an amazing group of closer peeps that supported me. Wheats you are a really amazing girl with so much rad knowledge in that head of yours. Plus you are funny at shit! Michelle you are a beautiful old soul with a lot of love to give anyone. I’m so happy that you are taking your knowledge to help the O-team further the work they are doing! You’re gonna rock! And then I really appreciate chillin with Jodi before she headed back to B.C. (you go for it girl).

AND THEN…if it wasn’t enough that I felt all that I started to meet other Oteshers living in Alberta and felt this extended amazing group of friends. Those being Krazy Kelsey, Mahem Mark, Amazing Anna, and Stilten Steve.

Thanks for just being an amazing support network, rad peeps, and showing me that there is some great hope for our future (cause shit yo the crap you peeps are doin is amazing).

Love, hugs, more hugs, and then some more hugs,