It’s nice to know that I have tight peeps around you that really make you feel like more than just some guy wondering the planet by himself (which ironically is pretty inticing too). Since I rolled out to Ontario I have found tonnes of love and amazing peeps to connect with.

I didn’t want to make a huge blog about all this other than to say that I love all of you and that each of you have a really special place in my heart. Ignore the order it means nothing.

  • Thanks to Erica for riding two bikes at once (no lie) so that we both could ride the Toronto Critical Mass together.
  • Thanks to Wheats for taking me to a crazy Santa Cruz party on a fish and chip ship in the Toronto harbour (although I think I most enjoyed chillin at your place and eatin freakin amazing Indian food — still realin from the awesome flavas).
  • Thanks to Sarah for being my first true awesome host to the Tdot (sorry if I offended other peeps but it’s true). She showed me all the rad places to go and we walked all over the freakin city. Damn girl you are fit!
  • Thanks to Nathan for the walk around the Tdot island, great talks, and chillin on the nude beach out there.
  • Thanks for Duncan and Deiss for being rad hosts and chillin with me. You guys were just winding down from holidays and welcomed me into your rad home! Oh and all the rad CD’s too.
  • Thanks to Jess & Laurie for letting me chill at the O-house for a long time not to mention all the internet stuff I did there. Oh and Laurie no wonder you are a professional cook…you’re food is freakin amazing. Umm and the park movies, bike rides, and rollerblading that Jess and I did.
  • Thanks to Jam and Roman for hosting me now at their new crib (as newly weds none-the-less).
  • Thanks to Mal for taking me around town before I headed to the Tdot. I had a blast that night!
  • Thanks to Simmi for hiring me and then becoming a great friend at the YAG and afterwards. Oh and of course for offing tonnes of food on me after the YAG and letting Chantelle and I crash at your crib that night. Let’s not forget the park beers too.
  • Thanks to my parents for running around trying to find all my unemployment insurance documents, going all over the city to appropriate offices to drop things off for me, and probably a million other things I’ve forgotten.
  • Thanks for all the rad e-mails that everyone has been sending to keep in touch. I like to talk and write so keep em comin.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone in this process of things..or neglected to mention anything…I just really feel lucky and hope to pay as much of this love forward. I hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

Peace, love, and hugs,

– Shane