So I was at Blue Moon cafe in Kensington market (or maybe it wasn’t called that) yesterday and was enjoying a good cup o’ fair trade coffee (tastes so much better that way) and a reading good book about David Suzuki’s life. Anyway, I was unfortunately sitting next to two girls that were talking about the coolness of their lives for the world around them to hear. Yah ok so you are wondering why I didn’t just tune them out and keep reading. I kinda did but at the same time there is something fascinating about listening to peeps and what they have to say about their lives.

I felt honoured (barf) to be in their presence. They started talk about how it was boring to have “sex with the same guy for the second time [sigh]” and that there profession (not exactly sure what) “made men want to [sleep] with them and women to want to be them.” Yah I just about hurled when I heard that … well actually I made a sound under my breath, shook my head, and then came close to spitting my coffee all over the floor. I mean seriously folks if you are truly thinking you rock the house that much why do you need to brag about it. Better yet what ever happened to enjoying sex for that connection you make with the other person rather than some random goal or notch on the bedpost. It’s ridiculous and frankly these girls weren’t that hot. I mean they looked like something out of some crappy Maxim magazine where all the girls are digitally modified to look unreal and plastic. Oh yah you heard me they looked plastic. I love women who are natural, beautiful, and there’s more to what’s inside then on the outside. It’s just something that our society is dictating these days and I’m proud to not be runing beside that like a dog chasing a car.

I know I’m probably preaching to the converted here, but I dunno it was disappointing to be around that (although I kinda found it an interesting thing to listen to). I’m glad I enjoy people rather than the goal!

Ranting away,


PS – Toronto is cool cause it’s really got a lot of things for everyone.