Holy crap I finally made it! I arrived early in the early morning to my second home in Ottawa (I lived her for 16 months for those who don’t know — ages and ages ago). I huge smile crossed my face as I recognized so many of the great things this beautiful place has to offer (tonnes o’ bike paths, huge river, great communities, etc).

Everything was sooo freakin green, rolling hills, beautiful farms, life, loads of hawks, butterflies, and fresh air. Even though it was my second time seeing the great lakes I still managed to stair at them with a gapping mouth (until Toby to ld me I was about to drive off the road and then I steered back into our lane 😛 ) Ahh Canada thanks for being so huge, ever changing, magnificient, and unpredictable at the best of times. I feel a little naked without my camera these days. It’s hard to describe how beautiful Canada truly looks from a car (I can only imagine how amazing it was on a bike for the coast to coast Otesha tour and had wished that I knew I was leaving).

Ridesharing with someone works out to be fairly cost effective (prob. cheaper to hitch but that’s ok). I ended up paying about $140ish for the trip out here, which is cheaper than a bus but not cheaper then a flight. Then again looking at the emmisions of a plain compared to a car crossing Canada I think it’s fair to say that I saved A LOT!

http://www.mountaingorillas.org/The first night we arrived at a provincial park just outside of Winnipeg. Since we were both travelling on the cheap we decided to do a little gorilla camping at a picnic area in the park. Toby slept in a bivy sack and I slept in my sleeping bag wrapped with a tarp (I was in dire need of my own bivy that night). Halfway through the night I felt little feet moving across my sleeping bag and once I moved they scrambled (to this day I have no idea what it was…the feet felt soft though so I rule out a racoon). Needless to say I think Toby slept better then I did, and I was glad that he took the first shift the next day as I must have slept in the car for 2 hours. Oh and yes Mark & Yodi I did use the binned sleeping bag and it was fabulous! Although being inside a tarp did add a bit of a “sweatshop” factor.

I have to admit there’s this entire “get to know you” phase of hanging out together during a rideshare. I didn’t mind it so much cause (as most know) I can role with most things. I think it was really nice to just learn from other peoples experiences, and in some ways we had a lot to talk about environment and otherwise. It was a really REALLY great experience!

Peace & bike grease,

– Shane

PS – Cecilia if you are “actually reading this” I think I came across a little gift you left in a Wawa toilet…yah that rock in the toilet. Nice work! Or perhaps it was one of you coast to coasters from the O-team? I started to laugh when I realized the work I was about to do was already done! HAA HAA

PS PS – Triane I hope you’re ride went well. I was sad I didn’t get to chill wit you but at some point I’ll be out to you fair coastal city to ride like a crazy mofo and partake in the Saturday brunch!

PS PS PS – Mark I meant to say adious and give you some kind of later hug / handshake but it didn’t work out.