Well I made it back to Calgary safe and sound to watch my two best friends Jamie and Roman get married. Wow it was really an amazing thing to participate in and I appreciate the involvement I was able to have with everything. They make a really beautiful couple 🙂 Thanks for inviting me to your wedding guys, and the hike later that week too it was really special to have spent that time with you.

Then I spent the remaining three weeks riding around town on Jodi’s trusty Mountain bike. Definitely something I need to take a picture of as I feel almost attached to it at this point. I’ve been riding around town since I got back and I can’t thank Jodi enough for her sweet ride. AND trust me guys having roses (fake ones) dangling from handlebars really make it a chic magnet. HAA HAA

I had been looking for a job for a while (off and on) and came across this rad posting at GoodWork Canada looking for volunteers to come to the YAG (Youth Action Gathering) put on by the Sierra Youth Coalition in Ottawa. I applied knowing that I had already wanted to head out to Ottawa to visit some long lost Oteshites that I haven’t seen in what seems like a billion years. So a long story short I was asked to go and I said “HELL YAH!”!

Why? Lot’s of reasons really.

  1. I love chillin with youth and think it’s great to be involved with an organization that is trying to empower them! I like how most of the crazy peeps coming to this gathering are open to learn and make change in their communities. Honestly, I wasn’t like that as a kid and I find their energy and motivation super inspiring.
  2. There is going to be some amazing speakers (yep Jess you are definitely one of them) at this conference that I really want to talk to.
  3. I’m a sucker for anything environmental and social justice…like a squirrel in search of every nut it can find. I just like being around those people and I learn so much.

So in 9 hours you can think of me as I head out to Ottawa with my rideshare buddy Toby. Rideshare — what the heck is that? Well it’s a pretty great concept really. Basically, if you are driving somewhere across the country (doesn’t matter how long or where) you can post your trip. Anyone who is interested in carpooling with you to that location contacts you and vola you’re splitting the costs. So yah it’s cheaper then Greyhound and you’re totally keeping your carbon footprint way down. This is something that I strive to do as much as I can.

Peace out,


PS – I can’t wait to see you peeps in the Tdot and Ottawa 😛