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So I was at Blue Moon cafe in Kensington market (or maybe it wasn’t called that) yesterday and was enjoying a good cup o’ fair trade coffee (tastes so much better that way) and a reading good book about David Suzuki’s life. Anyway, I was unfortunately sitting next to two girls that were talking about the coolness of their lives for the world around them to hear. Yah ok so you are wondering why I didn’t just tune them out and keep reading. I kinda did but at the same time there is something fascinating about listening to peeps and what they have to say about their lives.

I felt honoured (barf) to be in their presence. They started talk about how it was boring to have “sex with the same guy for the second time [sigh]” and that there profession (not exactly sure what) “made men want to [sleep] with them and women to want to be them.” Yah I just about hurled when I heard that … well actually I made a sound under my breath, shook my head, and then came close to spitting my coffee all over the floor. I mean seriously folks if you are truly thinking you rock the house that much why do you need to brag about it. Better yet what ever happened to enjoying sex for that connection you make with the other person rather than some random goal or notch on the bedpost. It’s ridiculous and frankly these girls weren’t that hot. I mean they looked like something out of some crappy Maxim magazine where all the girls are digitally modified to look unreal and plastic. Oh yah you heard me they looked plastic. I love women who are natural, beautiful, and there’s more to what’s inside then on the outside. It’s just something that our society is dictating these days and I’m proud to not be runing beside that like a dog chasing a car.

I know I’m probably preaching to the converted here, but I dunno it was disappointing to be around that (although I kinda found it an interesting thing to listen to). I’m glad I enjoy people rather than the goal!

Ranting away,


PS – Toronto is cool cause it’s really got a lot of things for everyone.

I finally got some time to sit down in front of a computer (late I admit) and compose my thoughts about my experience at the Youth Action Gathering (YAG) put on by the Sierra Youth Coalition.

It’s one of these experiences that I have difficulty summarizing in just a few words. We gathered together, 22 youth and 7 facilitators [although sometimes I almost felt like I was a youth myself while attending workshops cause they were that amazing], at MacSkimming about an hour outside of Ottawa a week ago. Things started out like any community usually does…plenty of peeps feeling out the environment and trying to get to know each other. It was interesting to watch as the community developed how everyone really started to drop their barriers and shared with one another. The connections, love, thoughtfulness, and growth was something that I’m happy to have be there to witness, facilitate, and also change myself.

We also had some really amazing speakers come and talk to us about things like anti-oppression, gay/lesbian/trans gender rights (pink triangle), landmines, the effects of weapons in our world (owned by civilians), and so much freakin more. I think it would be unfair to try and summarize it all in one paragraph as there was so much to learn. It was a real eye opener to be around the youth, learn from them, and also learn some amazing information from the speakers. Some things that kinda stuck out in my head included the fact that they are still removing landmines from many areas in the world. This includes people who go on their hands and knees and poke at the soil at 45 degree angles to find landmines that are hidden (yah it’s intense work and it’s the only way they can reclaim farm land). So I ended up signing the People’s Treaty against landmines.

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Holy crap I finally made it! I arrived early in the early morning to my second home in Ottawa (I lived her for 16 months for those who don’t know — ages and ages ago). I huge smile crossed my face as I recognized so many of the great things this beautiful place has to offer (tonnes o’ bike paths, huge river, great communities, etc).

Everything was sooo freakin green, rolling hills, beautiful farms, life, loads of hawks, butterflies, and fresh air. Even though it was my second time seeing the great lakes I still managed to stair at them with a gapping mouth (until Toby to ld me I was about to drive off the road and then I steered back into our lane 😛 ) Ahh Canada thanks for being so huge, ever changing, magnificient, and unpredictable at the best of times. I feel a little naked without my camera these days. It’s hard to describe how beautiful Canada truly looks from a car (I can only imagine how amazing it was on a bike for the coast to coast Otesha tour and had wished that I knew I was leaving).

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Well I made it back to Calgary safe and sound to watch my two best friends Jamie and Roman get married. Wow it was really an amazing thing to participate in and I appreciate the involvement I was able to have with everything. They make a really beautiful couple 🙂 Thanks for inviting me to your wedding guys, and the hike later that week too it was really special to have spent that time with you.

Then I spent the remaining three weeks riding around town on Jodi’s trusty Mountain bike. Definitely something I need to take a picture of as I feel almost attached to it at this point. I’ve been riding around town since I got back and I can’t thank Jodi enough for her sweet ride. AND trust me guys having roses (fake ones) dangling from handlebars really make it a chic magnet. HAA HAA

I had been looking for a job for a while (off and on) and came across this rad posting at GoodWork Canada looking for volunteers to come to the YAG (Youth Action Gathering) put on by the Sierra Youth Coalition in Ottawa. I applied knowing that I had already wanted to head out to Ottawa to visit some long lost Oteshites that I haven’t seen in what seems like a billion years. So a long story short I was asked to go and I said “HELL YAH!”!

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