So at Jatun Sacha you can hike to a look-out tower that is 30 metres in the air above the entire rainforest. Teigan offered to take me there and I was totally game to check it out.

To be honest the metal structure was a lot smaller then I had originally imagined. Let´s put it this way I probably could have huged the metal frame holding the entire thing up, but not to worry the cable attached all the way up helped to stabalize teh structure.

I was a little freaked out being at the top for a short period only because we were on a small metal frame sitting ontop that swayed with our every movement. Wow Mom you would not have liked to be up there. But at the end of the day I was pretty stoked to have stayed up there to see the amazing view of the country side. There were tonnes of birds and other insects flying around at even this crazy height!
On the way home we managed to catch a few monkeys playing in a tree above us. I think seeing the monkies and one tucan made my day!