Sure sure by now you know me as the bike guy … or at the very least a lover of bikes … well I have to admit that I do think they are pretty awesome. I do like the fact that I own one, and use that as my primary source of getting pretty much everything I need (with the help of public transit I might add). It´s also a nice way to help keep my footprint down.

As I have been travelling around Ecuador I´ve been really impressed with the number of cyclists (old and young) in small towns on major roads, and pretty much everywhere. Most peeps just own bicycles as a major form of transport.

One of the coolest things I have noticed as of recent is that there are taxi drivers that are taking people and goods around on (yep you guessed it bikes). The bike contraption above is a good example. On the way out to Canoa we were transported a few KM´s by a middle aged man who hauled all of Karin and my stuff plus us in one of these things. I was really impressed and ended up tipping him more for his effort. It was really great to actually use him instead of a vehicle to transport us. But heh they haul more than just people…they also transport plenty of food supplies and can you believe animals.

Moving stuff around

I dunno I guess some peeps reading might be like be thinking … “Well they have to use these vehicles cause they probably can´t afford a new car.” or something like that. I agree that financial situations really do change things for a person … although I have seen the souped up version of these carriers be a motorcycle attahed to the same front rack.

I guess my main point for bringing this up is that I find it a really great way to transport things. I like the pace at which Ecuadorians work and live. It´s a lot slower then North Americans I think. It´s impressive to see them using these technologies to better themselves too. It´s just something that inspires me to want to do more things in my life to be different, slow my life down, enjoy, and watch the choices that I make.

On that note I don´t want peeps to feel as though I´m saying everyone needs to go out and buy a bicycle and then use that instead of your car. It´s not always practical for everyone, but we can all challenge ourselves to try and be more savvy about the trips we do make when driving. Like pooling all your errands into a few hours when possible so that you don´t have to make multiple trips out somewhere. Ideas like that are really small but can have a really big impact if everyone tries to do their part.

My friend Anna wrote me a little email the other day about this bike festival that is happening during the month of June in Edmonton. The best part being her newly acquired taste for bicycle blended mocktails (cocktails lacking booze but pretty refreshing).

So when she showed up to get a mocktail a guy there had a bike generator that was used to create the drinks. I had heard of bike blenders in the past where a bike is attached to a blender and as you ride the goodies in the blender are being chopped up. With this new setup the energy you create from riding is stored in a battery and captured through a generator (one implementation), and then you are able to plug in any appliance to the generator to use the energy you have stor.

I was slobbering at the mouth when I heard about someone creating that! I would love to create something like that myself…wow!

Any way, I´ve now return to Quito after a nice day of full on sun on the beach. I was in a really nice place called Hostel Bambu situated right on the beach in Canoa. Beautiful, relaxing, and really chilled out. This is where Karin and I met some crazy and cool Americanos from north of San Fransisco. They were nice enough to provide us both with a ride back to Quito in the car they had rented. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Now I´m planning my trip to the Amazon and Cotopaxi and then heading home! I´ve only got about 10 more days until my flight home. At this point I don´t think I´m ready to head back, but then again I´m getting super excited about Roman and Jamie´s wedding so that should be good too.

Ding ding and love and all that crazy crap.

PS – My rad friend Anna just posted a comment with link to free (yah you heard me) designs on pedal power stuff. Check it out yo!