Well quite some days ago (more like a week ago at the end of last month) Karin and I arrived in Cuenca. A beautiful city with a lot of history available by just walking down the streets. Our hostel was located right in the heart of all this history which was really nice. There was a really nice walkway along the river that we spent heading down during one of our days there, and the second day we headed off to Incapirca or the largest Inca ruins located in Ecuador.

Let´s not get this all muddled though..Peru currently holds the record for the largest Inca ruins in existence. Prior to boarding our bus we came across this sign. It was a little disappointing cause it meant we had to leave our donkey bobo behind. Poor guy.

Upon arriving at Incapirca I was amazed at the ruins that I saw. Some of them had been stripped by locals throughout time for use to build their own homes, but regardless they were still really quite astonishing. The sun temple shown in one of my pictures is the only one of its existence which made it something pretty amazing to check out.

Interesting fact: Apparently, the higher class (priests and army officials) lived in homes made solely from well crafted rocks. Notice the rocks on the sun temple are really smooth and carefully built together. On the other hand commoners or slaves lived in homes that were put together with less well cut rocks and mud in between. It helped distinguish to the types of homes, and even today walking through the ruins the difference was totally clear.

One of the last really interesting things we checked out was the face carved out of the side of the mountain by the Inca´s. This was really well crafted and clearly looks like a face! The intecracy and work put into carving rock really blew me away while I was here. Oh and the fact that they would actually bury people inside large ceramic pots that had were then buried very deep into the ground.

Sometimes as a society I think we tend to always think of older cultures as being really primitive. I hate to say it but that´s utter crap. I mean they were working with ceramics and making massive pots, tools, and carving out stone. Now that´s impressive!

From there we headed straight for the beach. It´s been a bit cloudy near Montanita (surf town) and being that we are both really sick (I have a sinus infection) it wasn´t that great hanging out there. A bit of a party which sometimes ok but when you can´t get away from it for a second it´s not that great.

We are in Puerto Lopez right now staying at a really nice hostel, and finally chillin on the beach when the sun came out. This town is really beautiful with a laid back attitude. Yesterday we took a boat ride out to see the Humpback whales ( I bolded that so Shawna would see it cause knowing her she´ll freak when she finds out I saw them) in mating season. Can you say “Oh man those things are huge!” or “Mucho mucho grande” in Spanish. We caught a glimpse of a a few breaching several times in a row…hah or even just lifting their arms out of the water to twirl around. They´re beautiful creatures really.