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Karin and I arrived in Baños late at night last Thursday. The weather the next day was kinda not so nice but since Karin was kinda sick we decided to chill out that day (personally I was happy to have a down day). We spent part of the day in this chilled out in Cafe Hood a beautiful little vegetarian restaurant. The food and coffee were fabulous, and it was a great place to kick Karin ass at some Backgammon (heh after some serious coaching I might add and plenty of won games on her part).

The next day we walked up the spine of a mountain for the view of the volcano which is ironically right behind Baños. The climb was really steep and beautiful as we got farther and farther away from the city below. Props should go out to Karin for hiking the 3 KM around this route while barely being able to breath. As we were approaching the summit I heard a grumbling sound that I mistook for a truck driving in the value below. Actually it was the volcano itself I later found out from a local gringo who lives in the path of the volcano. It´s pretty amazing how Ecuadorians live so peacefully in this town even though they live only a stone throw away from such a huge active beast. Tragically, it was to cloudy to really get a good look at its beauty. But here is a pic I stole from the internet for your viewing pleasure 😉

Tungurahua Volcano near Banos

Later that night we headed to the thermal baths that are located at the bottom of a waterfall that runs into the town of Baños. I have to admit that I´m a tad bit tainted as they didn´t compare to that of the Hot Springs in the Rockies but were still warm enough to hang out in. It became pretty short lived when it seemed as though the Ecuadorians in the pool seemed to gravitate their splashing towards both Karin and myself. Yes including the life guard at which point we decide to bail. Regardless it was cool to check out and the view of the waterfall was pretty tranquilo.

The next day a few friends (Wilf, Shamie, and Gerry (sp?)) to check out the waterfalls that are near Baños. They all decided to rent quads for the day (two quads) and me being the avid nerdy cyclist that I am decided to attempt to keep up with them on a bicycle. Yah baby a bike. Needless to say on our trip out to the waterfalls (3 in total) I ended up hanging around for short periods until Shamie and Gerry caught up. In total I rode about 26 KM (yah baby) that day through some pretty sketchy territory. I think the scariest bit was the tunnels underneath two of the mountains we were riding through. Thankfully, Gerry and Shamie had a nice little light to illuminate my ride through the tunnels. It was sketchy but fun none-the-less. Kinda gave me a sense of what it must have been like for the Otesha Coast to Coast Tour travelling through the Rocky Mountains from Vancouver to Alberta. Those tunnels aren´t built for bicycles and nor were these.

The next day we headed off on a 8 hour bus ride out to Ceunca where I´m currently chillin. The bus ride was pretty fun to be honest. Part of it was spent sitting on the floor of the bus, standing, and then obtaining a seat offered from a generous Ecuadorian women. Actually, one thing I have noticed a lot here in Ecuador is that the peeps here are sooo freakin kind. They´ll help you out whenever they can, give you directions, and generally have been really kind. I´d recommend Ecuador to any traveller as a destination point for sure. Plus the food is fuckin amazing!

It´s been nice here in Ceunca and today we headed out to the Inca ruins (biggest here in Ecuador but not as big as those found in Peru of course). More deets on that later.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Love, hugs, crazy dancin, and all dat shit!