Well the Tour De Jatun Sacha has ended (as of last Friday). It was upsetting, weird, and good to have left the camp. I really miss the people that worked there and I also managed to make some new friends just before taking off. There was some cool projects started by some of the volunteers that I hope get finished (like the grey water system and the information book that Nathan was creating). Good luck on the water treatment Nathan you can do it bro!

As for the entire experience..it was rewarding and really made me realize the importance of sustainable agriculture. It was funny because I had actually expected a lot more at the site. Not to say that it was a bad experience to be there, but I was surprised to flush toilets at a farm where water conservation is a serious issue in the summer (staggered showers all the way baby). Overall, I´m still tossing around the idea of permaculture and cob building (like linnaea farms where my cool friend Jamie is learning shitloads!). I think my trip to Australia working on some Wwoofing farms should be a rewarding experience and help me decide what the hell I´m going to do in the future.

It´s been really great hanging around with Teigs, Chunky D, Anna, Louise, and Karin in Quito. There has been plenty of dancing and general mahem as we watched the Ecuadorian and England Football games (yes in Canada we call is soccer but honestly it´s a bit to Americana for my liking so I´ll stick with the English use).

Today I´m heading off with Karin to Banos to check out some of the amazing sites down there. It´s sad to say bye to the last contingent of Team Axe-wound yet again but we have plans to meet up in OZ and New Zealand in the future any way so I´m down with that! And I´m also kinda excited about getting out of Quito and exploring new things. Plus Karin is really awesome and I´m enjoying all the time I´m spending with her so that just makes things so much more fabulous.

I hope life is treating everyone really well! Stay cool!

– Shane