Shark Attack!

(The title is Kiwi for Ït´s my time! It´s my moment!¨)

I took a week off with Carolyn, Teigs, Duncan, Leo, and Alice from work to head to Isabella and Santa Cruz. Wow what an amazing trip!

It would be pretty hard for me to summarize everything, but I have to admit that I´m glad I spent it with these peeps.

After a 3 hour boat ride to Santa Cruz we hung out there for the night. Spent some time walking around and went to the Charles Darwin Research Centre where I swam with a cardboard shark (haahaa). Also, this is the location of poor lonesome george who hasn´t been able to find a mate in years (the last tortouise found on Pinta and there´s now a USD $10 K reward for anyone who finds another tortouise on that island).

I´m really impressed with the work that all the breeding centres have been undertaking. It´s good to know that these organizations are attempting to reverse the destruction of the early settlers made on these islands. After visiting the centre we headed to an amazing beach for an afternoon of relaxation, mud throwing, and swimming. The waves were really huge and there were plenty of surfers out trying to ride the waves.

The next day we headed to Isabella for a few days of adventure and fun, where we stayed in an apartment on another really gorgeous beach. We spent one day heading to Sierra Negro (a 10 km wide active volcano) by horse back. It was pretty funny cause my experience on my Aunty Arlene´s ranch proved useful with the horses. I was the only one out of the group heading up (besides the leaders of teh tour) who could get the horses to start cantering. It was damn funny…and some people had sore butts and legs afterwards.

The next day we headed to the Lava Tunnels off of Isabella. Here we saw penguins, turtles, and stingrays. A turtle swam past me in the ocean and then got a little spooked when I freaked out because it was so close. Later we all came across a HUGE stingray that was at least 5 feet in diameter. Sooo huge….

The rest of the time was spent relaxing and just hanging out. Being in Isabella has reminded me that our land is precious and sacred no matter wher eyou came from. It´s reaffirmed that I personally want to do what I can to watch the choices that I make and how they are affecting our shared planet.

Tragically, Duncan and I had to say bye to Teigs and Carolyn and they flew out two days ago back to Quito. I think it´s fair to say that we were both pretty bummed out when we returned to Jatun Sacha without them. Sometimes you just really bond with peeps and feel so close to them you just hope that your time together won´t end.

But that´s ok we have plans to hook up with them in OZ (Duncan and Shane will hook up in New Zealand – $17.99).

Some things are never meant to be goodbyes but more catch you laters. I think that´s just a better way of dealing with things. Not that I´m attempting to avoid feeling bad cause that´s impossible when you feel a strong connection with people but it´s just a nice way of looking at things.

Also, upon some reflection I decided that life is way to short to not enjoy it and definitely to short to hold onto really negative things that choke out happiness. I think for me it´s important to be a solid giving person and show love as much as possible. It´s easy to take advantage of situation or become disinterested when things aren´t going your way but ultimately it´s me who is in control of my own situation not someone else.


PS – Thanks for the awesome personal messages and posts I love them all. 😛