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I have so much to update everyone about but little time to do so…sorry I’ll just have to run through some of the things.

So this picture here is me at a Tortoise birthing station on San Cristobal. It’s pretty amazing all the things that I learned there (through some amazing translations from Martin –thanks for that brotha). Regardless, they have this station because the species on this island is threatened by introduced cats and dogs on the island (pirates and Spanish originally). It was really frickin crazy to see how old some of the tortoises were (this guy being 80 years old), and another was 50 years old. We also got to see some magical breeding taking place in teh bushes far from the foot path that we walked.

Did you know that Tortoises don’t actually determine there sex until the age of 20 years old. It’s also around that age that they are safe to be freed to the wild as they are no longer going to be attacked. 20 YEARS people…that’s a long time … just made me realize how precision everything really is…(and not like Gallum precious either)

The next day (on our weekend off) a few of us headed out to do some snorkling and other things. It was really REALLY awesome! Holy shit I saw sharks live in teh water below me and a school of stingrays. I came close to shitting my pants honestly, but thankfully nothing happened (haa haa).

The rest of the week has been amazing working at hte biological station. I spent one day hauling bambo (80 lbs plus) out of a ravine to be used on some of the buildings we are creating. I’m also slowly improving on my Spanish, and meeting some really great peeps out here.

Last night for the eve of my birthday (today a few of us are taking a couple days off to head to Isobele Island to do more snorkling, etc) they baked a bunch of massive cakes for me. Then told me the Equador tradition was for me to take a bite out of the cake. Upon doing that my face was smashed into the cake. Yes I had a feeling something was going to happen. Heh. At least I didn’t fall for the other tradition of being tied up and let everyone take a belt to your butt. Geez…

Any way, I hope all is well with you guys out there!

Much love and peace,

– Shane

PS – Yesterday was also Equador’s birthday too….