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Hey everybody I finally made it to Quito, Ecuador. Wow what an amazing place it is here. The streets are lined with really cool shops and some pretty funky colours (bright reds, yellows, greens, etc.). I´m still struggling with the fact that my Spanish sucks pretty bad but that´s alright I´ll pick it up at some point. So from all streets you can see a massive mountain (will include a picture later).. So far the altitude isn´t hard for me to get adjusted to although I am feeling a tad bit dizzy this morning. I am finding that I´m really thirsty all the time, which is something that I read about. Apparently, that´s something that is a result of the altitude out here.

Anyway, my roomates are Ester and Caroline and are super cool. I met them last night after I had arrived at El Cafecito Hostel at like midnight. Being in Houston airport for 4 hours was a bit trying mainly cause I couldn´t just go outside to chill out (well I could but I didn´t want to go through security again…so I stayed ). On the flight out I met this pretty two people that were pretty interesting. One guy who lived on Dalhousie drive a block from my house while he was going to school. Turns out that he moved to Ecuador quite some time ago and has been here for many years. Another guy who was working with some indegenous people to help them document their language. It was refreshing to hear that this culture are making every effort (he works in the jungle) to teach their children the native language primarily and then Spanish even though the school curriculum stipulates Spanish as the primary language.

Today the Ester, Caroline, and myself are heading to the Equator (yes lattitude 0) to check it out. It´s like an hour bus ride and should be a pretty cool thing to do. There´s a museum and some others to check out while there.

I´m getting really stoked about San Cristobal Island and meeting the people out there. It´s going to be a really interesting experience and I think I´ll learn a lot through all of it. Ultimately, so far (besides this not knowing Spanish) I´m loving the freedom to just go and do whatever.

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