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It's pretty funny cause I never really spent much time before I leaft thinking about how many of those little decisions had to be made before I left. You know like finding the "right" backpack, camera, etc. I'm just ubber thankful that I did take a week off before I left so that I could run around. Phewfff after today it should be all over, and tomorrow will be spent packing the heck out of my room and bag. [ Oh and thanks for you help with bags Corey — I ended up with an MEC one that seemed to suit all my needs 😛 ]

Any way, I think the moral of the story is that don't forget about all those major decisions you have to make before you leave. If you're like me you want the right thing and so you'll shop things around a bit (or at least take your time). But I can't say enough about the love and support I've had from friends and family. Thanks for that it means a lot.

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